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Receiving Packages

         Save Money by using our
              Receiving Services


The address to use is below and will work
no matter what carrier or shipping method is used.

 1306 Main Street plus Your ID with us
 Oroville, Washington  98844

Due to Postal Service Rules you need your ID # along with the address. The Postal Service can refuse delivery of your packages to me if your ID is not on the address label.  If you don't have one yet just send it without the ID# and when you come in we will do the paperwork which requires two pieces of ID to do the form. If you have already done your paperwork and can't remember your ID# then call us and we will tell you what it is.  

Betta's Services or my personal name or phone number for your packages. If I receive packages with just Betta's Services on the label, I may refuse the package.   

Please use your own name and phone number for your Billing address as well as your shipping address.


    This service is to provide you with a US address for you to ship to.  You then pick it up and pay a handling fee to me and then take it through the border yourself.  This saves you shipping time and brokerage fees. Please bring a copy of your invoice as 99% of the companies/people are not including one in your packages anymore and is required at customs.  If you plan to have someone else pick up your package please call me to let me know who is authorized to pick up your package.  I do not release packages to others without prior authorization.

your package arrives at my facility, I will call you within 24 hours to let you know it has arrived. I do not call on the weekends. I call because it costs me less in time and wages than emailing. 

IT TAKES TIME TO SORT THROUGH ALL THE PACKAGES SO PLEASE be aware that I do not dig through all the packages just because you are on the phone and want to know if your package is there yet. If possible please track your package.  I will get you called provided you have given me your correct phone number or addressed your package correctly so your name is on the package instead of mine.
                                                                    I DO NOT FORWARD packages.

   If you are using my services for the first time please email me (preferred) with your name and phone number.  Click on the about/contact page for where to email your information, there are two seperate links, you can use either one to contact me.  You can also call me with this information but my employees have been instructed to have you email me so names and phone numbers are correct and not misspelled or numbers transposed as we often have issues with.  This makes it faster for me to know who the package is for and be able to get you called in a timely fashion.  

    My policy is for packages to be picked up within 30 days due to insurance issues as well as storage problems.  I am no longer able to have insurance for 3rd party merchandise.   After 30 days the charge will be 1.00 per day for every day after 30 days and after 60 days you lose your package.  I want to be fair to all my customers so please pick up in a timely manner.   I do not pay to send your packages back but I WILL charge you a storage service fee as per my stated policy.  

                                     Service charges are $4.00 PER PACKAGE. 
                       for regular carrier deliveries.  UPS, FedEx, & Post Office
                                      TRUCK FREIGHT RATES are Below.

Truck Freight (Semi) shipments are a minimum of $20.00 up to $100.00 depending on size and weight.  For example, a 4 x4x4 foot pallet is considered the $20 fee and ATV's, Motorcycles or large furniture orders are considered $100 fees.  Depending on the amount of your order as well as the size of your order will determine the charges.  I cannot give set amounts sometimes until the order actually arrives.  It dependes on what it is as well as how difficult it is to unload and reload when you pick up.   I have limited warehouse facilities so please pick up within the allotted time or the late fees could become cost prohibitive. On Freight shipments I have a 5 day pickup policy.  It is $20 more for every week after the first 5 days. 
I  have a forklift for these shipments.

                                                       I CANNOT take VEHICLES. 

I am open 6 days a week and I do not open during Non Business hours for you to pick up and I do not ask another business in town to take your package for you to be able to pick up later.    
   I do not pay for anyone's C.O.D's or run them through on my Visa machine.  If you want or need to have a package shipped C.O.D. there is a 3 day period that the carrier will bring the package, if not paid for by 3rd day the package will be returned to the shipper.

   If your package is shipped to me with just Betta's Services on it WITHOUT your name on it, it can be refused and sent back to the sender listing the need for clarification as to whom the package is actually for.

Insurance companies do not insure third party packages (meaning your packages are the third party). In other words YOUR PACKAGES ARE NOT INSURED.  So it would be to your advantage to pick up your packages as soon as possible.

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